Upcoming tour!

Danke für das tolle Wochenende!

Gehirn an, Ohren auf!!

Wenn ihr Tierausbeutung auch kacke findet,

schließt euch am 18.05. der Demo

für die Schließung aller Schlachthäuser an (ab 13:30 Uhr HH S-Bahn Sternschanze).

Abends gibts von uns im Gängeviertel auf die Ohren (ab 19 Uhr).


-> schlachthaeuserschliessen

Danke Dräschfeschd!

War ein mega Wochenende.

Unter „shows“ findet Ihr wie es weitergeht.


Spring 2019, watch out:

16.2.2019 Hamburg, Mockry Flyer
22.2.2019 (it) Palermo Flyer
23.2.2019 (it) Catania Flyer
27.4.2019 Hamburg, Dräschfeschd

Yeah, some Shows this year, come arround, hang around!

02.08. 2018 Hamburg – Willhelmsburg, Vorland (w/ Psych Out, Bug Attack) Flyer

15.10. 2018 Hamburg, Schute (w/ Alteri) Flyer

16.11. 2018 Bremen, Querlenker (w/ tba)

17.11. 2018 Münster, Punkbar (w/ Alteri)

more to come…..


Thanks Erfurt & Magdeburg, we had a great time! 


back on Road:

8.6. 2018 Erfurt, Hackebeil (w/ Cancer Clan)

9.6. 2018 Magdeburg, Heizhaus (w/ tba)

If you can help for the 7th and/or 10. june. get in touch, thanks.



Dear friends,

as some of you might already have heard, Pete who had been our bass player till early 2017, passed away in December.

These sad news have left us perplexed and we spent the last weeks thinking and discussing about the loss of pete as a friend and band member.

Everyone who had the privilege to know Pete would agree that his friendship, his wit and his dedication will be deeply missed.

We sincerely regret this loss and wish all the power to his family – RIP Pete